Reasons Why You Should Never Lose Your Woman For A Side Chick.


Analysis By Wiseman Thuso

Oftentimes we tend to take for granted, and even lose, what we had because something else appeared better. New things are often fresh and exciting. However, new isn’t necessarily better. And therein lies the problem; the misguided notion that it’s new it must be better.

That said, a side chick will always appear better than the spouse. You know why? Well, simple. First, because she’s “new.” Because she’s “new,” like most new things she’ll be exciting. But keep in mind that your wife was also once “new” to you!

Secondly, unlike your spouse, the side chick only represents fun and the good times. The side chick doesn’t have to deal with conversations around the future, kids, bills, mortgages, hospital visits, family social gatherings, and such likes. Your spouse does, and will therefore appear “serious” and boring.

The side chick only speaks about clothes, make up, movies, and dates. On that count, she’ll always seem much better and fun to be around; for the simple reason that she deals with no responsibilities. But you know what? If she becomes a spouse, she too will lose her “attractiveness” and there’ll be another side chick better than her.

Don’t lose your blessing for a side chick. And by “side chick” here I’m referring to anyone or anything that poses a threat to what’s permanent in your life simply because it’s new, exciting, carries no responsibilities or accountability, and doesn’t challenge you to change. – Wiseman Thuso